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The Brand Space Podcast is hosted by Pete Walmsley, an experienced and passionate brand strategist. Through the Brand Space Podcast, he explores the art and science of how companies can build resilient and compelling brands in their competitive markets to grow companies and increase their profitability. The episodes consist of a mix of discussions of the latest thinking on key brand-building topics and interviews with industry leaders/brand managers to hear their perspectives on how they are building strong and resilient brands.

Episode 26: Talking to Brooke Roberts, Co-founder and Director of Sharsies

In this episode, I am talking to Brooke Roberts who is a co-founder and Director of Sharsies, an incredibly successful wealth development platform with the purpose of creating financial empowerment for everyone.

Sharisis is valued at more than $500m and is used by over 575,000 people across New Zealand and Australia. Brooke shares her inspiration for developing Sharesies and we explore the marketing and branding considerations that underpinned their success.

Episode 25: Talking to Peter Brennan, Co-founder and Head of Brand, Heaps Normal

In this episode, I am talking to Peter Brennan who is a co-founder and head of Brand at Heaps Normal, an independent, non-alcoholic beer company. At Heaps Normal, It’s all about finding your own normal without the downsides, in a growing mindful drinking movement.

Their philosophy has led to them becoming one of Australia’s small business success stories. They launched in July 2020 and their products are now available in more than 2000 different bottle shops, bars and restaurants across the country, and they have become a $57.5 million dollar business

In this podcast Pete shares where the idea came from, how they grew the business and the role of branding in their success. There are plenty of lessons here for all of us. Enjoy.

Episode 24: Talking with Gavin Bain, Managing Director of Wunderman Thompson, Perth

In this episode, I am talking to Gavin Bain who is the Managing Director of Wunderman Thompson Perth. Gavin brings an interesting perspective to the podcast as a marketer who started out in the world of finance. His approach and involvement in the marketing industry has been well recognised, being named ad person of the year twice, in the Western Australian Campaign Brief awards.

In our discussion, Gavin shares his perspective on the importance and role of branding and talks about joining Wunderman Thompson as part of the acquisition of Meerkats in which he was the CEO for some 10 years.

We also talk about why companies need to invest in strategy upfront, as well as be more strategic in considering how much they invest in social media. We also consider examples of strong brands and talk about an industry and associated brands that have some challenges on the horizon. He also reveals his thinking in balancing tactical and branding strategies. Enjoy

Episode 23: Part 2 – Talking to Nathan Birch,CEO, Interbrand ANZ

Welcome to part 2 of my discussion with Nathan Birch, CEO, Interbrand ANZ, Ambassador of Movember and Global Ambassador of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

In this episode, Nathan shares his many years of experience working with brands. We talk about what a brand is, discuss the confusion between marketing and branding, consider examples of strong brands, talk through common branding myths and finish with practical tips on building a strong brand in a competitive market.

Episode 22: Part 1 – Talking to Nathan Birch,CEO, Interbrand ANZ

In this episode, I spoke to Nathan Birch, CEO, Interbrand ANZ, Ambassador of Movember and Global Ambassador of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

Nathan had has a long and successful career and we cover a lot in our discussion. So much so that this episode is part 1 of 2.

In this episode, Nathan talks about his journey in marketing, including career highlights and lowlights. Nathan also shares his personal story about mental health and associated ambassador roles.

We finish by talking about Interbrand and its philosophies and approach in working with clients to grow their brands.

Episode 21: Talking to Freya Barr, Marketing and Communications Manager at Asthma WA

In this episode, I spoke to Freya Barr,  the Marketing and Communications Manager at Asthma WA. Freya has worked in marketing and communications roles across a range of commercial and not-for-profit businesses and has been the managing director of a range of her own businesses.

Freya talks about Asthma WA – its history, purpose and brand positioning. We also explore the difference between commercial and not-for-profit companies from a marketing and branding perspective, talk about branding myths and discuss concepts and strategies for anyone looking to grow a brand.

Episode 20: Talking to Melissa Vella, the WA State Manager of the Advertising Council of Australia

In this episode, I spoke to Melissa Vella, the WA State Manager for the Advertising Council of Australia (formerly known as the Communications Council).

Melissa has had a rich and diverse career having worked across a range of marketing roles in South Africa and Western Australia. We talk about marketing communications and branding, careers in the advertising industry, the future and challenges for the advertising industry and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

Episode 19: Talking with Hannah Muirhead, Head of Brand Strategy at The Brand Agency

In this episode, I spoke to Hannah Muirhead, the Head Of Brand Strategy at the Brand Agency in Perth, Western Australia. Hannah is an experienced strategic planner who is passionate about developing authentic ideas for brands.

She shares her perspectives of what a brand is and why it’s important to focus on brand building. She also talks about the balance between tactical marketing and brand building, and the role of social media in building brands. She also provides some great tips on building your brand.

Episode 18: Exploring brand purpose

In this episode, I explore the concept of brand purpose. What do we mean by brand purpose? Is it just a fad with no real substance or can it genuinely contribute to growing a brand? What are some examples of brands that have defined and acted on their brand purpose? What makes a good brand purpose? How should you develop your brand purpose?

Episode 17: Talking with James Andrew, Executive Director, Communications & PR, Group Lotus

The Lotus brand has a rich history of producing sports cars with the philosophy of ‘simplify and then add lightness’. As the founder Colin Chapman famously said “adding power makes you faster in the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”. James shares his perceptions of branding and talks through the triumphs and challenges in the evolution of the Lotus brand.

Episode 16: Talking with Rebecca Lachlan, Brand Lead for the Gage Roads Brewing Company.

The Gage Roads Brewing Company has gone from strength to strength and this summer they plan to open a brew pub, or as they say ‘spiritual home’. This will be located in Fremantle Western Australia, overlooking the strip of ocean that inspired the brewery. Bec talks about her career in marketing, perspectives on branding, and provides some history and insights in building the Gage Roads brand to stand apart in the highly competitive craft brew market.

Episode 15: Talking with Paul Yole, about his career and perspectives in marketing communications and branding.

Paul describes himself as a retired occasional consultant. In this episode, he shares a wealth of practical insights and stories from his extensive and diverse career in marketing communications. Paul is best known for his role as Director of Agency Development at the Brand Agency, a leading marketing agency in Perth, Western Australia. During this time he says we ‘won some Effies, did lots of pitches, won more than we lost. Worked with many great clients and helped them with their brand’. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Paul.

Episode 14: Exploring brand loyalty

Does brand loyalty still exist amongst today’s consumers? and if it is still relevant, what are some strategies to foster loyalty? These questions and others are discussed in this episode with some practical tips to guide you in fostering loyalty for your brand.

Episode 13: Talking with Jeff Champtaloup, Managing Partner and Creative Director at braincells

As a Creative Director with a wealth of experience across a whole range of clients, Jeff brings some interesting and practical perspectives to branding in today’s competitive marketplace. I worked at braincells some years ago and learnt a great deal from working alongside Jeff. I am sure you will enjoy this episode!

Episode 12: Talking with Luis Santelices, Marketing Manager at Anchor Foods

Anchor Foods is one of Australia’s oldest grocer food companies. Luis brings a strong background in food marketing to his role at Anchor Foods. In this episode, he talks about the importance and challenge of meeting customers evolving needs and having uncompromising brand values in order to build a strong brand.

Episode 11: Talking to Callum Mackenzie, Managing Director at RARE

In this episode, Callum talks about winning Agency Of The Year at the 2021 Campaign Brief Awards, and shares his journey and motivations in building RARE to become a leading marketing agency in Western Australia. He also provides his perspectives on balancing branding and tactical marketing and the role of social media in the marketing mix. We also discuss strong brands and talk about brands that have lost their way. Enjoy

Episode 10: Developing a compelling brand promise

Developing and communicating your brand promise is important in building a strong brand.  In this episode, Spaceman Pete talks about what people mean when they talk about a ‘brand promise’ and provides some guidelines on how you can develop a compelling brand promise for your business.

Episode 9: Talking to Julia Turner, Director Brand and Marketing at Edith Cowan University

In this episode, Julia talks about the brand positioning of Edith Cowan University and the impact of COVID. She also talks about the important role that social media plays, particularly in relation to bringing Edith Cowan’s Brand Personality to life.

Episode 8: Understanding brand values

In this episode, Spaceman Pete talks about brand values and provides some practical tips on leveraging the power of brand values to build clear space for your brand. What are brand values? Why are they important? And how can you define your brand values and bring them to life?

Episode 7: Talking to Luke Clarke, National Marketing Manager at Bedshed

In this episode, Luke shares his perspectives and experiences on branding in the retail sector. As the National Marketing Manager for Bedshed, Luke needs to find the right balance between brand development activities and tactical marketing initiatives. His approach to this offers useful insights for all businesses. Luke also talks through the current marketing campaign for Bedshed and outlines the rationale for its approach. It is a well-considered and executed campaign that authentically stands them apart in their competitive market.

Episode 6: Talking to Pam Wilson, Marketing Director at L’OCCITANE Australia

There are few industries as competitive as the beauty industry with new brands constantly coming to market and existing brands striving to maintain a clear and attractive market position. Pam has a long history of working with brands in the beauty industry. In this episode, she shares her perspectives on managing brands in this highly competitive marketplace. We also talk about the role of social media in building brands and being utilised as a tactical marketing tool. Pam also provides some great tips for those looking to utilise social media influencers to grow their brand.

Episode 5: Understanding brand personality

In this episode, Spaceman Pete outlines why it’s important to have a clear and consistent brand personality and provides some tips on how you can explore and determine your brand personality, with your staff.

Episode 4: Talking branding across a range of industries with Paul Graham

In this episode, I am talking with Paul Graham, an experienced marketing strategist and owner of Market Strategy, a boutique consultancy firm based in Perth Western Australia. Paul draws on a diversity of experience to share his insights and fundamentals in building strong brands.

Episode 3: Talking Branding with Louisa Frome, Horizon Power

Louisa Frome, Manager of Marketing & Insights at Horizon Power, shares her perspectives on branding and talks about the repositioning of the Horizon Power brand.

Episode 2: Building a strong brand

In this episode, Spaceman Pete talks about the role of branding and shares some fundamentals that he uses when working with companies to build strong brands.

Episode 1: What is a brand?

In this episode, Spaceman Pete talks about what a brand is and why it’s important to understand branding when growing a strong and sustainable business.


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